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Fertilizer Tank Liners / Agricultural Liners

Agraliners is a leading manufacturer of flexible membrane fertilizer tank liners for the agricultural industry for both primary and secondary containment of hazardous liquids.

Our tank lining system uses a tested, proven, PVC membrane inside the tank, which becomes the primary containment for the liquid with the rigid tank being the secondary containment. This fertilizer tank liner system is approved by most state departments of agriculture.

We have found over the years that a liner can have a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years, or more, in 28 and 32 percent nitrogen and 10-34-0 service.  Life expectancy is dependent on the care and maintenance of the liners.  Reducing solids build-up and maintaining a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F, extends the life of the liner. In addition, a 60-mil bottom can be supplied for those requesting a heavier liner bottom.

Customized Fertilizer Tank Liners

Increasing environmental concerns are requiring secondary containment for hazardous liquids. Flexible membrane fertilizer tank liners can be custom-fitted for most vessels as a low cost, quick, permanent solution for primary/secondary containment with minimal down time and preparation.

Primary, Secondary Fertilizer Tank Liners

Agraliners internal liners are mechanically held and become the primary containment with the tank becoming the secondary containment. Our factory trained and OSHA-compliant crews can install a fertilizer tank liner system in a matter of days to reduce loss of production. Utilizing flat-faced flanging systems, your tank piping can be integrated into our lining systems.

Fertilizer Tank Liners (pdf)