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Drinking Water Liner

Agra Liners is your tank liner experts with over 40 years in fabrication and installation. At this time, our liners are made and manufactured in the U.S. Agra Liners is proud to be a turn-key solution for our customers when it comes to tank liners. Our on-site experts use radio frequency sealing system technology to build high-quality liners that work within your system.

Above all, all of our professional staff members follow OSHA Guidelines to ensure your liner will be installed safely and securely. Not only are all liners produced by Agra Liners approved by state guidelines but also local guidelines. Be sure to call us today at 855-480-2472 or fill out the form located on this page to speak to one of our professionals.

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Agra Liners Install Drinking Water Liner

Agra Liner’s will offer a tank and cleaning service if products are inside your existing tank. Creating a safe environment is not only after installation but before as well. Our liners can be installed in about seven days. The best material for drinking water liner is polyethylene, also known as plastic.

At the present time, two common lining types are used to conserve water: epoxy and polymer-modified cementitious lining. These types find everyday use in concrete tanks in water treatment.

Drinking Water Liner

The Process

Liners keep the longevity of the tank. Every tank liner will need to undergo the proper preparation to install secondary containment systems. Before installation, the Agra Liner experts will discuss the current tank and any potential contaminants. Upon arrival, if more is needed to clear all chemicals or liquids, they will be under the OHSA approved equipment regulations.

For instance, Agra Liners can complete fabrication and install one large liner. If necessary, two pieces will be combined on-site to meet your drinking water liner. Our liners are produced to be compatible with corrosive fluids, therefore they are most notably for drinking water liners. All in all, Agra Liners has trained experts to handle all your drinking water liner installations with no hiccups. To get more information or book your next drinking water liner, please give us a call today at 405-214-9971.


Our Crews are trained in OSHA Compliant programs and are also certified in the following:

Confined Space Entry Training

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