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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions or concerns please send us a message or call us at (405) 214-9971.

What is the largest diameter above ground storage tank Agraliners has installed a PVC liner in?

This is one of our Frequently Asked Questions. We installed one (1) PVC liner in a 180’ diameter x 50’ tall above ground storage tank in Hamilton, Canada.

How are the holes made in the tank shell if there is an oil film in the tank?

If there is a film on the tank, prior to drilling each hole, the tank wall is wiped down with Acetone.

Does the tank need to be gas free for installation?

Yes, the tank should be vented properly prior to our arrival. We maintain a multi-gas monitor to ensure that tanks are properly aired out. Our crews are trained annually for confined space entry.

What is done to prevent damaging the liner on the floor during an installation?

While working inside the tank a 16oz geotextile fabric is placed on the floor after the liner is placed in the tank to protect it from any damage and then removed once the installation is done.

What is the warranty on material?

We get quite a few Frequently Asked Questions about our warranties. We offer a five (5) year pro-rated warranty.

What is the warranty on installation?

We give a one (1) year workmanship warranty.

How can the customer be confident that there will be no leaks?

Agraliners has hundreds of liners installed throughout the United States. We do our best each install because a leak will cost us money and you down time. We want you to rely on us.

Is a liner repairable after it has been in use?

Yes, a liner can be repaired after it has been in use.

What is the height from the top of the shell that liquid must not exceed due to the liner and attachment method?

Liquid must not exceed 10” from the top of the batten strip or j-bolt attachment points.

Are there any issues with mixing the tanks via compressed air?

There should be no problem as long as the compressed air is not applied directly on the liner.

How long has Agra been installing liners in API above ground storage tanks?

Over forty (40) years.

What are the different allowable temperatures?

Most standard PVC liners can go up to one hundred and forty degrees (140°) F. We offer a high temp PVC liner that goes up to one hundred and eighty degrees (180°) F.

What should the customer do about the liner when the tank needs to be cleaned? Such as buildup in the bottom of the tank?

Contact us to have a representative discuss options with you.

How long does it take to manufacture a liner for a 120’ diameter x 40’ tall tank?

It takes 5 to 7 days to manufacture a liner for such a tank.

What portion (roughly) of PVC tank liners have Agraliners installed on new tanks versus existing tanks?

Agraliners has installed (roughly) 60% to 70% of PVC tank liners in existing tanks.

Is the liner on the floor of the tank slick or is it textured to help avoid slipping when walking on it?

We have a suede finish on our materials which helps avoid slipping on dry liner material.

Does the liner need a roof hatch in the tank to get the liner in the tank? Can the liner be put through a manway?

Yes, due to the weight and size of the liner. The liner is rolled on a steel pipe and strapped with ratchet straps. It is then lowered through the roof hatch with a crane.

Smaller sized liners, under 25’ diameter, can be inserted through the manway. The liner is unrolled outside the tank and then folded so it can be inserted through the manway.

How do the installers reach the top of the shell inside the tank?

We have a scaffold system capable of heights up to fifty (50’) feet.

What is the life expectancy of the liner?

This is another one of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Ten (10) to fifteen (15) years. We have liners out in the field that are thirty (30) years old.

Is the liner inspected for any possible leaks after the install?

The liner is visually inspected as it is being raised to the top of the sidewall. The bottom is visually inspected on hands and knees after the installation is complete and everything has been removed from the tank.

Is a leak detection system installed in the tanks with the liner?

Yes, we always install a leak detection system with our liners.

How does Agra determine how thick the liner should be?

Based on industry standards and the type of product the liner will be containing.

Does Agra evacuate or vacuum out the space between the shell and the liner?

No, the liner is over sized to allow movement during the filling of the tank and as the product is being used. The only attachment points are at the top of the liner, manways and inlet/outlet pipes.

How many above ground API storage tanks has Agra installed liners in?

On average, we install over 50 liners per year.

Has there ever been issues with erosion of the liner at the tank nozzle / inside the tank nozzle due to high flow? What about the area of the sump?

Not usually, but if that is a concern we can install a pipe insert made of rigid PVC to maintain the opening.

No, there are no issues with the sump area.

How long would it take to install the liner for a 120’ diameter tank that is 40’ tall?

The time taken to install would depend on the amount of center poles in the tank.

What are the main reasons a customer installs a liner in an above ground storage tank?

Liners can extend the longevity of the tank, both new and existing. They also allow you to comply with your states regulations.

What families of chemicals need to be avoided with the liner?

Solvents, especially those used in the manufacturing of PVC.

Why is fabric installed between the liner and the floor of the tank?

Fabric is installed for protection of the liner and to keep the liner from sticking to the inside surface of the tank.

What is the difference between an internal coating on a tank compared to an internal liner system?

A coating system is a higher priced option than a liner system. Liner systems last multiple more years than coatings. Liners can be installed almostyear-round and in a shorter amount of time.

Are liners ever installed to avoid replacing the corroded steel floor in a tank?

Yes, liners help extend the longevity of the tank.


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