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Liners for Agriculture

Liners for Agriculture

Agra Liners is a leader in fabricating, installing, and maintaining liners for agriculture worldwide. We have been doing this for more than four decades and are trusted by hundreds of clients. Our membranes have been tested and have been shown to work for sometimes decades. They are made of PVC and are put inside the tank system or primary containment system. The flexible tank will hold the liquid first, while the rigid tank will hold the liquid second and have mechanical leak detection ports. Contact us today to work with us and take advantage of our many years of experience.

Call 405-214-9971 to learn more about our services, such as fabrication, installation, and maintenance. One of our Shawnee employees will be there to answer your questions and give you more information about our agricultural liners. Instead drop us a few lines or questions by filling out the form.

Agricultural Tank Liners

Sealing the Outside and Keeping the Fertilizer Tank Clean

We can help with even the most complicated systems because we have the knowledge and expertise in fabricating liners for argiculture. Most liners are made in one piece, but those that are too big to create and move in one piece are made and moved in pieces. Then, our portable radio frequency sealing system is used to seal these parts right where they are. This is the same system we use in our building, but it lets us bring you the same high-quality results.

Please call 405-214-9971 when you’re ready to learn more about our agriculture liners. You can talk to a member of our team, who can answer any questions you have and learn more about what you need. You can also talk with us through message by filling out the form on this page. As soon as we can we will respond back.

Materials for Personnel Safety

Agra Liners keeps and uses a large stock of high-quality PVC roll stock materials that can be used in most situations because they come in different blends and thicknesses. Depending on the use, viscosity can range from 30mil to 3/16″. Your liner can be put in by a trained crew of technicians in as little as seven days. Each of our liners is inspected and given the green light to be installed to ensure no flaws could affect how well it works.

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