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Over forty (40) years specializing in primary and secondary containment liner systems.

Agra Liners specializes in fabricating and installing radio frequency sealed PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) liner systems for both primary and secondary containment, with over forty (40) years of experience.

Agra Liners will design and fabricate a liner system for a turnkey installation by our factory trained crew. Whether your need is containment for a 200 ft. diameter storage tank or a small liner for a pond. For larger jobs requiring the liners to be built in sections, our portable radio frequency sealing system allows us to seal together the sections on site as we would in the factory.

Agricultural Tank Liners

Agricultural Liners

Agra Liners offers fabrication and installation of liners for liquid storage tank systems for liquid fertilizer. Our system uses a tested, proven, PVC membrane inside the tank, which becomes the primary containment for the liquid; with the rigid tank being the secondary containment with mechanical leak detection ports. Installation is done utilizing OSHA Compliant trained crews and the latest methods of attachment and compression sealing of all inlets and outlets to your tank.

We have found over the years that a liner can have a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years plus in 28% & 32% nitrogen service and 10-34-0 service. The care and maintenance of the liners affects the life expectancy of the liner system. Maintaining a maximum temperature of 150 degrees F.; and removal of solids build-up on a regular basis also extends the life of the liner. A 60 mil bottom can be fabricated into the lining system.

This lining system is approved by most state departments of agriculture. Once scheduled, a lining system can normally be installed in less than seven days. We strive to meet your deadline.


Agra Liners maintains a large inventory of PVC roll stock materials, with a blend and thickness for most applications; starting at 30 mil up to 3/16”. Our liners have no imported material in them; they are made and manufactured here in the US. 

Fertilizer Tank Cleaning

Whether you need your liner cleaned to remove build up from crystallization or need your tank power washed to remove product from the tank shell, Agra Liners offers tank and liner cleanings. If you have had product in your existing tank and want to line the tank with one of our PVC lining systems, we can assist you with ensuring your tank is free from debris which may cause corrosion or oxidization and help in the design of your tank for a new lining system.

We also may assist you in receiving an API 653 tank inspection. Call us today or request a estimate for more information.



Our Crews are trained in OSHA Compliant programs and are also certified in the following:

Confined Space Entry Training

Scaffold Safety Training


Liner Repairs

If you have a liner installed by someone other than us, it is possible we can repair it depending upon the age and type of material the liner is made from. This can usually be done for a minimal charge although the tank and liner would have to be cleaned first. Our company has trained personnel to do all of this for you so you do not have to make multiple calls.

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