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API 653 Fertilizer and Water Tank Inspection

An API 653 Tank Inspection is used to determine if an above ground storage tank is fit for continued use. This inspection checks for:

  • Corrosion

  • Distortion

  • Erosion

  • Surface Cracking

  • Surface Deposits

  • Weld Defect

The reports will be generated through a third-party independent company contracted by Agra Liners. Based off The Fertilizer Institute recommendations and several state’s requirements, we recommend API 653 Inspection every 5 years. Tanks built to 650 standards are also supposed to meet 653 codes for inspections and repairs.

Agricultural Tank Liners

Liner Inspection

Liner Inspections include a Report with general observations, recommendations, and photos. We visually check:

  • the manway booting system
  • all inlet/outlet booting system for proper compression on all nuts and bolts
  • field welds around the center pole booting system
  • field welds around the sump booting system
  • that the liner is not currently over-filled

Our inspector will also visually inspect the liner for its flexibility to make sure it is in good condition for continued use.

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