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Lagoon Liner

Agra Liners meets even the needs of agriculture and the murky waters. Lagoon Liners are designed to contain and prevent unwanted liquids from seeping into the ground. A lagoon liner is a common choice for wastewater treatment. Wastewater is generated after freshwater use, such as flushing, washing away, and adding nutrients. Our human activity creates waves of containments, and with the proper application, these damaging products can be placed in a controlled environment.

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Maintenance to Your Lagoon Liner

The life span of a lagoon liner can reach thirty years, but this is all based on depth and its’ needed use. Agra Liners is aware of the common lagoon problems that may brew due to unattended maintenance. Order, algae blooms, erosion, and sludge accumulation will eventually show themself over time. An annual inspection and proper removal will be suggested. 

Agra Liners will choose the proper materials based on location and environment. The typical lagoon liner material includes choices of the following two: 

  1. (EPMD) – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber 
  2. (RPE) – Reinforced Polyethylene Liner

Whether big or small, Agra Liners has every solution to provide safety to our planet

Flexible Membrane Liners

Excellent Performance Out of a Lagoon Liner

Agra Liners drives to deliver a lagoon liner to perform its’ environment out.  Measurements and materials will be taken to maximize the life span of the lagoon liner. Every detail of the environment will be considered as the installation will prove the conditions of the liner in the future. 

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