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Lagoon Liners in Shawnee


Lagoon Liners are used for wastewater treatment plants and other locations dealing with waste storage. Materials that enter a lagoon can be hazardous, therefore, Lagoon Liners are placed to help contain liquids and prevent unwanted contaminants from seeping into the ground. Lagoons are like a pond but they hold and treat wastewater for a predetermined timeframe. Ideally, they will have Lagoon Liners that prevent leaks to the groundwater below. Agra Liners are the experts in customizing and installing Lagoon Liners. Give us a call at 855-480-AGRA (855-480-8472) or fill out the form on this page if you need any help and we’ll be happy to swing by to give you a free estimate.

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Different Materials Matter

Each Lagoon Liner will have a different thickness so it’s best to call Agra Liners to determine the size, thickness and material best for your needs. Typical Lagoon Line will have materials made of polypropylene, elevaloy, PVC or LLDPE.The strength and stability of these materials are remarkable. Lagoon Liners are used to help with primary and secondary containment. Many customers will use Lagoon Liners as part of a waste water treatment system too.

Ultimately, Lagoon Liners are designed to be a little smaller in size but they can be quickly placed to hold liquids and conform to the structure of the lagoon. In addition to Lagoon Liners, Agra Liners can help with ponds and cisterns too. Liners are designed to act as a sturdy structure to help prepare an area for liquid storage.

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