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Clean and safe water is one of, if not the most, important resources used daily by farmers. From the irrigation systems used on larger farms to water their crops to simply having access to drinking water, maintaining groundwater integrity must be on the top of every farmer’s mind. One major cause of contamination of water is something many people don’t think about – fertilizer tanks. Fungi and Bacteria can bloom within fertilizer tanks without proper routine cleaning, which are then dispersed onto crops which leak into the soil, dramatically increasing the contaminants in the soil and, as a result, into wells and aquifers. Ignored long enough, this problem can lead to environmental and health issues. You can help stop this – schedule your routine fertilizer tank cleaning with Agra Liners today.

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Fertilizer Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning

Waited too long between cleanings?

On top of the ecological damage that can occur from not cleaning your fertilizer tanks properly, there can be additional damage to equipment, including the tank itself. Corrosion can occur when certain microorganisms are allowed to sit in a tank too long, resulting in leaks, blockages, and more. Fortunately, the professionals at Agra Liners are experienced in both tank and liner repairs to get your tank back in working fashion in no time. We can be on site quickly and give you an estimated cost based on labor and materials, then if approved, we will get to work.

If you want to get ahead of further damage, ask us about our fertilizer tank liners as well. We are known worldwide for our in-house fabricated PVC Liner systems that can act as an affordable barrier to protect your containment system from damage caused by contaminants. These liners typically last at least 10 years and are a fraction of the cost of replacing a full tank, so installing one is a no brainer if you intend on being in the business for a long time. Additionally, these liners make tank maintenance and cleaning easier, and they can be repaired much more easily than repairing the tank itself.

Ready to schedule your fertilizer tank cleaning or repair? Call Agra Liners today at (855)480-AGRA and one of our professionals can get you on the schedule. Or, you can fill out the form on this page and a representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.


What Happens When You Don’t Routinely Schedule Fertilizer Tank Cleaning

Fertilizer in general is a dirty business and many don’t think that it can get any dirtier. However, fertilizer is the perfect growing ground for microorganisms. Fertilizer Tanks offer these microorganisms:

  • A dark, moist, warm environment
  • High in nutrients
  • Maintained PH Levels
  • Maintained Oxygen Levels

All of which can be the ideal situation for fungal and bacterial blooms. For these blooms to happen, there needs to be neglect. You typically see fertilizer tanks fully empty of material before these microorganisms can reach a dangerous level, but if the tanks are not properly cleaned and disinfected once empty, the remaining organisms can continue to grow and wait for the next batch of fertilizer. A few cycles of this without proper cleaning can then result in damaged equipment and contaminated soil from the excess levels of fungi and bacteria. Want to be safe? Schedule your routine fertilizer tank cleaning with Agra Liners today.

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