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Secondary Containment Liner

Secondary Containment Liners

It’s usually a good idea to have a backup plan. After the original container has overfilled or failed, secondary containment might be another piece of structural equipment that prevents spills and leaks. The secondary containment liner, like the primary, requires a liner. This containment liner will be installed and maintained in the same manner as the primary containment. Agra Liner’s professionals are to ensure the safety of the environment and the correct storage of liquids.

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Agricultural Tank Liners

Failed Containment Liners

When the main containment fails, the secondary containment liner size must be large enough to handle a specified proportion of the spill. The operator or owner takes responsibility of the proper reaction action. Secondary containment liners are more flexible and are utilized for specific liquids such as gas or hazardous chemicals. These liners are composed of materials that are resistant to cracking, impact, and corrosion. This immediately reduces the risk of spillage and failure. It aids in leak and spill response preparations, according to our specialists. When a failure occurs, the reaction time should be within hours. Because some substances in containment may be airborne dangerous, time is critical.

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